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How to Appropriately Use SEO for Coronavirus COVID-19

Ivio | March 27, 2020 | SEO

SEO, in a big way, can partly control the flow of information on search engines. This means SEO’ers bear part of the responsibility in facilitating relevant content in relation to keywords being searched. But who cares about SEO, we are experiencing a pandemic… am I right? That’s partly wrong. The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is the… Read more

5 Reasons Why Video Will Sink or Swim Your Marketing Campaign

Ivio | October 29, 2019 | Marketing , SEO

It is no surprise that video is one of the most effective tools for a business to engage their audience. Recent studies by Hubspot show that consumers are wanting more engaging content, and that can be done through the power of video. With a new year approaching, it is time to consider adding video to… Read more