The Magician Brand Archetype: A Storytelling Resource & Usage Guide

Magician Brand Archetype Overview

Nothing is impossible to the Magician. Their brand promise is focused on delivering profound transformations and creating amazing outcomes through seemingly mystical means. 

They’re calm, cool, and collected as they “make it happen” with what seems like a snap of their finger. They turn Messes into Miracles, conjure Something from Nothing, and transform “This” into “That”. They’ll wow you with their charm, astonish you with the results, and leave you wondering “How did they do that?”

The Creator is 1 of 12 storytelling archetypes based on the research of Carl Jung and others into the psychology of storytelling and narratives. Each archetype has its own innate desire, motivation and distinct characteristics that shape

The Magician Brand Archetype At a Glance

Brand Promise: Transformation
Voice: Mystical, Informed, Reassuring
Motivators: Agency,  Knowledge, Discovery, Improvement, Curiosity
Fears: Manipulation, Stagnation, Ignorance, Corruption, Disbelief
Familiar Tropes: “You’ll know it when you see it.”, “The world is on a string.”, “The world is what you make it.”, and “Bring the future forward.”


Disney, MAC cosmetics, Dyson, The CocaCola Company


Archetype magician pop- culture figures, Genie, Hermione, Sherlock Holmes, Jafar
Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins. Great Gatsby, Jafar

Let’s Go Deep & Get To Know The Magician Brand Archetype

The Magician walks around with the world on a string knowing they have the power to transform their world according to their vision. 

They seek to possess the agency — or power — to shape the world around them with their abilities gained from their unqiue understanding of the world.

The Magician is inherently curious, always seeking a new level of fundamental knowledge about the world around them.

They empower themselves to do things others cannot because their understanding of the fundamentals allows them to see deeper into an issue or area of focus.

They make it look effortless too, though in actuality their abilities are often acquired through countless hours perfecting their craft. 

To the Magician, there are boundless possibilities if you are willing to find the way. 

Persistence pays off for the Magicians as they —undeterred by failures along the way —develop and hone their craft. 

It is the mystical, magic-like nature of the Magician that makes them truly distinct. They are found at the crossroads of the inexplicable and undeniable. 

They can seem to have power as if from another universe, plane or dimension, unlocking abilities that may seem otherworldly.

What is understood by the Magician may be inexplicable to the average person. The enigmatic or mysterious nature of the Magician is key.

At the extreme, they are mystical entities, whose power is mysterious and appears to be otherworldly in nature. 

The Magician is complex. They are not inherently secretive, though the inexplicable source of their power may generate that perception. 

They’ll have you standing in amazement, awestruck at their ability even to the point of disbelief. 

It’s no surprise then that a leap of faith may be needed when working with the Magician. 

The Magician may demand a certain level of trust due to their hidden or secret ways.

Your disbelief of the Magician’s abilities should be met with a confident, informed and reassuring response to earn your trust. Your belief will be rewarded. 

Like an alchemist, the Magician acts as a catalyst whose mixtures conjure up transformative changes.

Need a new way to solve a problem? Make sure to have a Magician in the room. 

You’ll find the Magician taking on the hard challenges in their pursuit of solutions to a problem.

Their ability to find options others may not be able to is what makes them great at finding win/win outcomes. Where others have failed, the Magician can find a way.

They unlock possibilities unavailable to others through their curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to discover. 

The ingenuity and faculty of the Magician should not be underestimated. They can be quite resourceful in their pursuits. 

The Magician will tweak, test, and experiment endlessly – manipulating the circumstances to produce their desired outcomes.

Everyone loves a show. The Magician knows the power of a spectacle and will use entertainment value to their advantage.  

Prepare to be amazed. Far from subtle, the Magician will not shy away from a show or spectacle. 

They are full of charisma, drawing you in with their charm and sophistication. 

While transfixed you will soon find yourself asking, “What just happened”? You are under the spell of the Magician. 

It’s no wonder why the Magician can be so inspirational to others. Their charisma and ability to control their environment will leave you spellbound in amazement.

Magician Archetype Design Resources

Using the Magician archetype characteristics, we’ve curated a robust selection of various imagery examples including symbol icons, photography, color, and more! These resources can be used to inform, guide, or inspire your design and creative decisions when working on or with your brand.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the Magician Archetype which is close to our hearts as it is Ivio’s wing archetype. We encourage you to dare greatly in your creative journey and we can’t wait to see the amazing new world you help create.

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