The Creator Brand Archetype – Storytelling Resource & Usage Guide

Creator Brand Archetype Overview

A dreamer and a doer; the Creator brand archetype is innovative, inspiring, and original. They’re deeply driven idealists who will tirelessly pursue their vision in hopes of creating change. They’re not afraid to go against the grain — in fact, they pride themselves on their originality and out-of-the-box ideas.

The Creator is 1 of 12 storytelling archetypes based on the research of Carl Jung and others into the psychology of storytelling and narratives. Each archetype has its own innate desire, motivation and distinct characteristics that shape

The Creator Brand Archetype At a Glance

Brand Promise: Innovation
Voice: Inspirational, Daring, and Provocative
Motivators: Creation, Self-Expression, Originality, Ideation, and Uniqueness
Fears: Conforming, Stagnation, Familiarity, Disenchantment, and Mediocrity
Familiar Tropes: “If it can be dreamt, it can be done”, “The world is a playground”, “Creating tomorrow, today”, “Turning dreams into reality”

The Creator, Also Known As: The Artist, The Visionary, The Designer, The Inventor, The Idealist, The Dreamer, The Virtuoso, The Entrepreneur.


Pixar, Pinterest, Lego, Adobe


Doc Brown, Back to the Future, Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Tony Stark, Iron Man, John Hammond, Jurassic Park

Let’s Go Deep & Get To Know The Creator Brand Archetype

Many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs are Creators at heart, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Creators dare to imagine a better future and pursue it with passion and innovation.

Creators are people of action, driven to innovate to make their dream a reality. 

These are inspirational people of the highest order. The free thinkers of the world, not bound to reality.

They carve out new creative space and expand the scope of reality, shaping the world as they do so.

I would not want to be on the path of a motivated creator heading my way. They will leave you in their wake in pursuit of their vision. 

These individuals often take on immense personal risk in pursuit of their vision. 

Failure is a familiar friend to the Creator—for more often than not the price of trying something new is failure—but the lessons learned along the way are priceless. Failure is about the only thing that the Creator will want to find familiar.

Creators detest labels, stereotypes and familiar tropes as they seek to stand out from the crowd with their originality. 

Normality will find a tough audience in creators, who try and avoid the trappings of what’s familiar, repetitive or otherwise stagnant. They are much more focused on what the new normal might be and how to make that a reality. 

It’s important that Creators pursue what gives them energy. 

Creators beware! The creator’s heart needs to be in the game at all times, or they may lose their drive. Warning signs include indifference, disillusion, and stagnation. 

The Creator’s inherent originality is the source of their innovative ideas, which sometimes makes them less receptive to the ideas of others.

Creators may not have an opinion on everything, but then they do they tend to hold strong convictions they are passionate about. 

It’s their radical dedication that inspires others to believe and follow the Creator in their pursuits.

Creators do not believe in a one-best-way but instead of a better way. This desire for innovation is that the core for the Creator. 

They tend to find value in aesthetics and add beauty to their life, work and otherwise.

Non-conforming, counter culture or otherwise radical individuals at heart, Creators will find a way out of any box you put them in.

The Creator often finds themselves lost in thought or with their “head in the clouds.”

Creators can find something in nothing and are usually able to find inspiration in almost any setting or circumstance. 

Creators consider the output of their creative process as a form of self expression. For an artist this is their art, for an entrepreneur it may be their product or service. 

They take pride in their work as they consider it a form of self-expression.

The Creator embraces chaos and often sees it as an opportunity.

The Creator’s ideas may come across as lofty, disruptive, and sometimes crazy to others who don’t think like them.

Creator Archetype Design Resources

Using the Creator archetype characteristics, we’ve curated a robust selection of various imagery examples including symbol icons, photography, color, and more! These resources can be used to inform, guide, or inspire your design and creative decisions when working on or with your brand.




View more Creator Archetype imagery on our Pinterest page.

How to Write As the Creator Archetype 

Finding your brand voice as the Creator archetype will be a breeze with these writing resources.

We wanted to provide real and functional guidance that helps people produce high quality branded content as quickly as easy as possible. Our team took a deep dive into each Archetype to produce these resources for our clients and now we are giving them away to everyone!

Good Copy:

We use the best technology to constantly improve our products and services. We challenge ourselves creatively every day with the goal of becoming even better.

Better Copy:

We’re constantly finding new and exciting ways to make our products and services better so you can soar to new heights. We’re constantly reinventing ourselves, challenging the status quo, and thinking outside the box to inspire change.


The Creator is innovative and always looks towards the future. Highlight how you do things differently and how this may benefit your clients. The Creator is also an imaginative visionary, and will want to inspire their audience. Use uplifting descriptive language and metaphors — paint them a picture in their minds!


Here are some “on brand” words you can use for inspiration when writing with the Creator archetype in mind.

Sprinkle in and use these words in your content to sound even more on brand. Look for natural and organic opportunities to use these words, but try not to force them in. You do not want to sacrifice sounding natural or your readability in an effort to use these words.

This is just a sampling based on the Archetypes main characteristics, but there are so many more words which fit each archetype that are not listed here. Do you know any? We’d love to hear them! 


Be imaginative: Use descriptive language and colorful adjectives, but don’t risk losing your reader.

Add interest with dramatic, bold, or provocative statements.

Insert inspirational tones when appropriate.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the Creator Archetype which is close to our own hearts as it is Ivio’s core archetype. We encourage you to dare greatly in your creative journey and we can’t wait to see the amazing new world you help create. 

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