Ivio Agency Wins ADDY’s Award for Best B2B Website Design in 2020

In the middle of March 2020, The American Advertising Awards held its perennial award ceremony at the Downtown Phoenix Art Museum. 

Among the diverse and talented group of advertisers, Ivio Agency waits to see where they would place for their design work with The Mckinley Club (a coworking space located in Downtown Phoenix). 

Ivio Agency Wins an Award for Best B2B Website Design

As the awards were announced through the night, the contestants watched from a live digital stream due to the unprecedented circumstances. We found a way to band together for the night and watched on, tentatively hoping that our Friday would end in a celebration.

To our great joy, best B2B website design included our name. A sense of extrinsic validation for all of the meticulous work we put into the project overcame us. Our collective celebration was topped by the sound of popping champagne, resonating through the night like celebratory fireworks.

About The AAF and the ADDY’s Awards

The mission of the AAF Phoenix (the local affiliate of the American Advertising Federation) is to elevate creativity, community, and collaborations in the Phoenix advertising community.

The organization has made a mark in the creative advertising industry across the state for over 80 years. They are committed to being the resource for education, growth, support, and success of the local advertising community. Members of the AAF Phoenix are deeply involved in the advertising community along with the local ADDY awards.

Phoenix is the hub for creative marketing and is leading in the industry of remarkable advertisers and creative geniuses. This is why the ADDY awards in Arizona keep growing each year. There is stiff competition across the state, and the ADDY awards give these advertisers a chance to shine after all of the hard work they have put in.

About Ivio Agency

Ivio Agency, a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to serving local businesses in Phoenix, has been creating and designing brilliant websites for the past five years.

Dustin Moore, Ivio Agency’s founder, had this to say about receiving an award from the ADDYs, 

“It’s a high honor to be recognized by our industry peers for our work. In this case, we were blessed to collaborate with such a great client for the design of The McKinley Club website which made all the difference.”

We feel honored and delighted to showcase this award to our future clients. For more information on what partnering up with us looks like, click here to visit our contact us page