COVID-19 Crisis: We Need Marketing Now More Than Ever

It is a scary time of uncertainty as we get through this pandemic together. We all are still trying to go on with our daily lives as normal as possible…this is why marketing needs to be stronger than ever amid the COVID-19 chaos.

Keep Your Brand Rolling, Your Business May Depend on it

Back in 2001, the Keep America Rolling campaign came out after the 9/11 tragedy. Now is the time to keep that spirit rolling and continue with your marketing efforts, even when things are put to a temporary halt.

With everything that is going on right now, you might be considering putting your branding plans on hold and freeze any spending towards marketing. 

But now is not the time to do that.

Marketing is needed to continue to drive commerce, and now is not the ideal time to scale back on your marketing efforts, if one’s business can reasonably afford to do so. Unfortunately, there are a significant percentage of businesses that are feeling the full force of the newly arrived bear market and hard decisions must be made.

But for those less adversely affected, the right marketing plan will give consumers a reason to spend, even if in quarantine.

Brands can accomplish this by offering deals and highlighting products and services.

Current Marketing Efforts to Take Note Of

Many brands are getting creative with their marketing during the crisis. Some stores are closed and some restaurants are only allowing to-go or delivery options. To make up for this inconvenience, some places are offering free shipping and free delivery.

This is all part of their marketing plan, while still keeping their consumers in mind during this difficult time. These brands are showing their consumers that they are there for them, which will keep their customers to being committed to the brand when all of this is over.

China’s Bounce Back from the Pandemic

Let’s take a look at China. The country started to shut down in January. But thankfully, things are starting to get back to normal.

China was prepared and continued to market during the outbreak. So, transitioning back to reality hasn’t been that bumpy.

During a crisis, the marketing budget is often the first thing to be cut. 

But brands in China decided to keep marketing going, even while some businesses were closed. 

They were able to gain control of their costs and find unique ways to justify their business, so that now when things are open again, they are not seeing a huge hit to their business.

Marketing During COVID-19 for Small Businesses

Marketing for small businesses is more important than ever. Remember, you can’t cut your costs to profitability.

People are still spending, they just might not be spending as much. And that is ok! As long as you are giving the consumers an incentive to shop with your brand, you will be able to maintain a relationship that will last past this pandemic, which will pay off in the end.

Brand awareness is so important during a crisis because if you aren’t out there marketing, your competitor is.

Plus, if you have been heavily advertising, you don’t want to all of a sudden stop when there is a bump in the road. Use this time to give your consumer hope and confidence in your brand.

Key Takeaway: Take Advantage of Technology

Luckily, you can still continue with your marketing efforts even if you are working remotely! That is the beauty of technology.

With so many group chats and video apps available, you can meet with your team any time of the day to discuss your branding plans. This might be a little bit of a struggle at first, but you will still be making progress.

Marketing Tips During These Hard Times

If you don’t already have a marketing plan in place, now is the time to get it done. You might need to make some adjustments when it comes to your budget, which is totally acceptable! Just don’t ever completely stop all of your marketing efforts.

Now is the time that we all need to stick together. Use your marketing plan as a way to unite the community!