6 Content Marketing trends for 2021

Every year, Content Marketing trends show how consumer behavior influences web strategies. 

In 2021, established habits will continue, while practices seen throughout 2020 should become stronger.

New technologies, media formats, and issues affecting society are factors that shape content strategies. It is essential to analyze a general background to deliver the best type of content, according to what audiences expect.

It is essential to know how to ally the technical part related to performance with consumer expectations. This combination is helpful to apply trends that will reach high performance.

In this article, we will show the best Content Marketing trends for 2021. Keep reading and better understand each one of them!


In 2020, 37% of the U.S. population listened to podcasts monthly.

This is not a new content format, but its growth in recent years is undeniable. One of the reasons for this high is the democratization of the themes.

Podcasts talk about what all kinds of consumer wants to hear: sports, politics, fashion, business, health, TV, marketing, among others. If there is demand, there is an offering.

In 2021, the public will be even more interested in listening to new episodes of their favorite podcasts. That’s why your company needs to be among the choices.

For that, it is essential to focus on themes with high demand in the segment.

Turning keywords into subjects for podcasts is a simple strategy that brings results.

With SEO techniques, it is possible to rank your episodes on Google. This way, you can deliver different content formats about a high-demand subject.

Content-driven personalization

Keeping the user’s attention is a challenge. Content Marketing strategies need to ensure that the buyer journeys are complete and generate the desire for return.

It is usual for a user to visit your blog, consume content, and take no action, but this is not necessarily linked to the CTA you used.

One of the Content Marketing trends for 2021 focuses on completing that user’s cycle with a system similar to remarketing. This is content-driven customization.

When someone who has already read some content — but has not performed any action — returns to the site, they will come across a suggestion for another complementary content.

Using automation tools, it is possible to set up banners that will suggest content based on the user’s last access activity.

Offering a related theme helps to complement the learning about a subject that has already aroused interest.

Suggestions increase chances of engagement and, possibly, conversion.

Featured snippets

There is nothing new here, but undoubtedly, featured snippets are among the most relevant Content Marketing trends for 2021. They remain essential to any strategy.

Web users want quick answers to their questions on Google.

Contents that can provide it are usually at the top of the results page. Therefore, they also receive much more traffic. 

To achieve this position, your content needs to be adequate in terms of SEO. For this, it is essential to consider features like:

  • summarized paragraphs that answer a question or define a concept (always considering the keyword);
  • lists;
  • informative tables.

These information formats are like shortcuts. If the content is structured in this way, the chances of getting a featured snippet will increase.

Google’s algorithms aim to best answer the questions users ask in searches, and content adapted for this rank better.

Adapted content for multiple channels

No matter where content comes from, it can be published on any channel if it is adapted.

Your blog post with more traffic volume does not need to stay only on that channel. Its content can serve as the basis for a webinar script.

Product review videos are another good example.

These contents have been very successful with the public, but some users may not have time to watch them. In this case, summarizing everything in one blog post is a great idea.

This trend allows marketers to take advantage of relevant topics in every single channel of the company. Thus, it is possible to offer to the public different ways to consume content.

The more traffic is generated on different platforms, the greater the chances of engaging, conquering leads, and, finally, getting conversions.

Also, a multi-channel content strategy helps you find your target audience on whatever platform they are on.

Interactive Content

Interactive Content will feature among the main Content Marketing trends in 2021.

There are many ways to offer relevant materials to the public, but not all can generate the expected interest.

For some users, static content is not so interesting. Therefore, it is essential to deliver something that generates actions to, in return, collect information.

Sears quiz on washing machines

Interactive Content is a great source of engagement and lead generation. Also, it allows an exact measurement of how many people have interacted with it.

To consume the content, the user needs to insert information, answer questions, make choices, or even play a game.

This format also generates a large volume of shares, which results in increased traffic to blogs and websites.

The main content formats of this type are:

  • ebooks;
  • white papers;
  • calculators;
  • quizzes;
  • infographics;
  • landing pages;
  • videos;
  • questionnaires;
  • lookbooks.

Live experiences

Real-time content will be a great way to attract and engage in 2021.

In recent years, web users have already demonstrated that this content format interests them. 

By the end of 2020, live streaming is expected to be 82% of all internet traffic. Brands can take advantage of this potential and put their content in the spotlight.

Live experiences, besides attracting a large number of viewers, also have a good interaction potential.

Live blogging by Mashable

Audience participation can happen through comments, likes, accessing links through QR codes shown on screen, and sharing the stream.

The most interesting thing about this strategy is that there are many possibilities. Brands can stream to:

  • webinars;
  • Q&A Sessions;
  • live blogging;
  • live streaming;
  • journalistic coverage;
  • sports coverage;
  • music concerts.

There is always a good streaming option to be taken advantage of!

With a new year coming, it is essential to know what can perform well and generate interest from your audience. The main Content Marketing trends of 2021 will help your brand generate traffic and achieve your strategy’s expected conversions.

Live experiences are one of the strategies in this content that has shown the highest potential. So, learn more about it!