Mollen Foundation

Website Design | Development | Branding

The Mollen Foundation brings healthy habits into schools and gives students the tools to implement healthy eating, physical activities and mental health into their classes and homes. Their website was outdated and didn’t showcase their goals, so we started from scratch.

We wanted to not only redo their website to be fun and informative, but we wanted to give their brand a facelift to bring more life and color into it. With hand drawn icons, callout text and statistics on brain icons, we were able to tell their story and message throughout the pages of their site. The new website design now conveys the passion and importance behind the foundation.

Typography and Colors


Color Scheme

Custom Icons

We hand drew the icons for the site to give it a playful vibe. We used fruits, vegetables, and cutlery to highlight the nutrition focus of Mollen Foundation's efforts.


Responsive Design

With nearly half of their website traffic coming from mobile devices, we paid close attention to how the design translated across all platforms. Using the "hamburger" style navigation across every device means the design is consistent and clean.