'Oko'a Farms

‘Oko’a Farms is a family-owned, self-sustaining, organic farm on the island of Maui, Hawaii who were looking to expand their reach and grow into one of the furthest reaching organic farms on the island.

Okoa stationary

Branded With Integrity

Before working with IVIO, Okoa Farms was already serving many local resorts and restaurants, making produce deliveries twice a week, and selling produce at farmer’s markets three times a week. The challenge was finding a way to increase this reach and success they were experiencing already.

Our Goal

O’ko’a wanted to take the next step in their farming business: promoting their produce to locals, which would ultimately result in expanding their reach and gaining more clientele.

Because of these goals, IVIO knew the best solution would be defining and establishing a storytelling brand. We knew working closely with the family would be key in capturing their passion and translating it into branding that could be used in all aspects of the business.

Owner Picture

Ryan Earehart


IVIO has been a tremendous help in developing our brand and providing a platform we can use to reach our customers on Maui. With their help, we've been growing more than we have in years and we are excited to see what is still to come.

Business Cards

Quality and Passion

By working closely with them as part of the Okoa Farm family, IVIO was able to fit them with branding collateral that reflected their quality and passion, and it became easier for clients to spread Okoa Farm’s message through signs, banners, magnets, reusable bags, business cards, and weekly newsletters. All of these materials were vital in the spreading of Okoa’s story across the island.


The End Result

We were able to capture the quality of produce and the humans growing it into their brand. Ryan’s passion for his trade is palpable, it was important to translate this into strong messaging.

With their new branding package, social media outfits, and storytelling tools, they have seen phenomenal and steady social media growth--over 100 likes a month. They are also expanding their delivery service to the big island of Hawaii, adding new trucks to the business, and branding into more farmer’s markets.


IVIO looks forward to further spreading the message of the world's best food to the world's best people!