Lizy Hoeffer

Lizy Hoeffer is the nation’s number one female loan officer, and she has committed her life to helping people buy homes, manage their money and become more knowledgeable in the world of finance.

Our Role

Web Design & Development
Brand Identity


An Engaging Design

that speaks exactly to who lizy hoeffer is

Lizy needed a brand and website that more clearly reflected her vision and expertise. Our goal was to make it easy for her followers and clients to easily find helpful information, to stay in touch and to get a free mortgage quote. We designed the site in a way that is always drawing the user’s attention, and encouraging them to interact with the content, and we developed a mortgage calculator that is easy to use and quickly sends users their results and a needs list.

Lizy Brand Colors: Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, White

Mobile First Design

We understand that the majority of website traffic comes from mobile. That’s why we make it our priority to make the transition from desktop to mobile seamless, and we strive to make the mobile experience both easy and beautiful. By doing things like adding the navigation to the bottom of the screen, we make the users experience much more enjoyable and easy to manage no matter what they’re doing.