Fitzmaurice Hand Institute

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The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute provides the most sophisticated cutting edge service and treatments in the industry. Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice is known for his minimally-invasive treatment and technology for a wide range of hand and nerve injuries.

Fitzmaurice was focusing their efforts on traditional advertising and wanted to see how the addition of digital could help their business. With the recognition and expertise to serve patients out-of-state, they wanted to capture the attention of patients outside of The Valley. Their goal was to get 20 new patients per month.

Findings and Strategy

The brand positioning and messaging were key to gain the attention of their ideal audience. We needed to reduce the focus on Dr. Fitzmaurice and push more towards the team so potential patients knew they were getting a world-class experience.

With strong SEO, we made sure that their paid ads did not show up in places with high organic rankings. This ensured zero waste in their ad spend and allowed them to be seen under a variety of searches.

The old website was adequate but overwhelming. The site did not have a clear path of direction for the user and lacked an efficient appointment system. We redesigned the website and built an interactive hand tool to help users self-diagnose and explore what questions to ask during their consultation.

Digital Success


Calls Per Month
(when their goal was 20)


Above the industry
conversion rate average


Lower than the industry
cost-per-click average



We wanted to make it easier for patients and other people suffering from hand and wrist pain to find out what condition they may have. We designed and developed a “WHERE IS YOUR PAIN?” map of the hand and wrist so users can actually see where their pain is originating. This tool is just the beginning as we envision how we can make it even more beneficial with 3D animation and more.