IVIO’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Phoenix in the Summer

Another Phoenix summer heatwave is around the corner, so naturally, we’re locking ourselves inside until November. The good news is we have plenty of time to reflect on all the reasons we love the summers here. Read our top 5 reasons to visit Phoenix in the summer below–you won’t believe number 3!

        1. Free Sauna
          In Phoenix, you can experience the highly-desirable feeling of crawling inside your hot oven. To obtain such feeling, all you have to do is step outside and enjoy the natural, sauna heat. Benefits include released toxins, relaxed muscles and an increase of vitamin D! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships or expensive spa visits.

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        2. Leather seats that redefine “luxury”
          Luxury (n): the state of great discomfort while feeling like a frying piece of bacon. 

          Leather seating in cars has always been a symbol of wealth, but in Phoenix it’s also a live-action game similar to hot potato. Once you get in your car after a long day at the mall, you’ll not only be unable to sit on your car’s seat, but also not able to touch the steering wheel or put your car in drive while 120 degree air blasts at your face. Who can survive longest before the human potato is too hot?

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        3. Cook without dirtying pots or pans
          Fun fact, the phrase, “It’s so hot outside, you can cook an egg right on the sidewalk!” originated when a man was talking to his wife in Phoenix in 1931. While the metaphor is true, it isn’t limited to only eggs. You can cook or warm almost anything on the hot pavement, leaving your kitchen clean and your sink free of dirty dishes.
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        5. Become immersed in a cloud of dust
          You probably thought you had to travel to the Middle East to see a wall of dust coming towards you, but believe it or not, you can experience it right here in Phoenix. During Monsoon Season, dust clouds can reach 10,000 feet high and span 50 miles wide. Save up that money you set aside for your trip to Egypt!

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        6. Burn your daily calories in seconds
          In Phoenix, the rush to get from one air conditioned building or car to another is enough to get your workout for the day in one outing. Some days it’s so hot outside that you’ll instinctively run from your car to the nearest building, burning at least 100 calories on the way! No better way to train for that upcoming 10K.

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        In all honestly, we love living in Phoenix. Three (or nine) months of suffering heat is worth it when the rest of the year is full of mild temperatures, fun activities, and beautiful scenery. And after all, it’s just a dry heat.

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