Meet Our New Developer!

If you’ve been around the office lately, you might’ve noticed a new face at the Megadesk. That new face is our freshest nerd: James Willis. James joins the team as a junior developer, helping to code the systems of our clients’ dreams.

Let’s get to know a little more about this tea-drinking, rock-climbing, code-slinging nerd.

  • His hobby is rock climbing–he’s even done multi-day climbs where he slept on the rock wall!
  • James won’t be partaking in any ice cream parties; he’s lactose intolerant.
  • He makes some killer tacos (anything really–he’s a great home cook)
  • He went to Northwestern University, but was born on Long Island.
  • He knows how to play the saxophone just like Lisa Simpson.
  • He knows all the words to Gold Digger and 99 Problems.
  • James does a spot-on Rick and Morty impression.
  • Favorite movie: Devil Wears Prada

Welcome to the team, James!