Happy Mother’s Day From IVIO!

Everyone thinks their Mom is the best, but it’s been scientifically proven that the IVIO team has the greatest Moms in the world. Afterall, they made us the kickass nerds we are today!

If you’re curious, read below for some great Mom tips to pass onto your own mom to make her as great as ours.

best motherly advice

Craig: My mom, VerDon Hamblin Brooksby, passed away in 2014, at age 84.  I had the benefit of her input and advice through 59 years – every phase of my life.  It’s hard, now, to single out one piece of “best advice” that she gave me, because she showed me by example, more than she gave me advice.

She was a people person. At the end of a long, hard day, to recharge her batteries, she didn’t head for a quiet room (like I would) – she would look for, or create, a party, a game – some kind of get-together on the spot, where she could be with people.  She and my Dad would raid friends houses at 6 AM, in their pajamas, and take everyone out for pancakes (in their pajamas).  That is how she recharged her batteries and is why so many have vivid memories of her.

Jeff: “That’s life.”
My family has never been one to take anything too seriously or let things get us down, but sometimes a little kick in the pants is needed. Whenever something is stressing me out, I can always count on my mom to listen to what I’m stressed out about and be supportive. Usually, all I’m stressed out with is becoming a self-sustaining adult; things like paying my bills, health insurance, shopping for a house are new to me. She’ll tell me about her life experiences and reassure me that nothing in life is easy, and why should it be? What would be the fun in that? That’s life!

She always assured me that I am on my own path and I’ll end up where I’m meant to be. – Ashlyn

Ashlyn: The best advice I’ve received from my mom is the general idea that I’ll end up where I’m meant to be in life. When going through college and choosing a career, I had a bad habit of comparing myself to my friends and schoolmates. I would tell her I should be going to a different school or doing different internships or just generally doing things differently. She always assured me that I am on my own path, and I’ll end up where I’m meant to be. Now I carry that thought with me through most other areas of my life: things will work themselves out and end up how they’re supposed to. Look at me now, Mom!

Andrew: The best advice my mom has given me is that if someone who is a part of your life doesn’t make your life better, they shouldn’t be part of it. I think it’s easy to get caught up with negative people – but following this has made me a happier person.

Devon: Watch out for wrong way drivers when you’re on the freeway late at night.
…In all honesty, my mom is always the first person I go to for advice. She always knows how to make me feel better.

Dustin: The golden rule, obviously!

Craig: My mom’s cooking was tops.  She made it a point to try anything and worked to bring variety into her meals. It was important to her that we not be picky eaters.  I remember once I came home after school, with a phone number on a piece of paper.  I said “Jack Breeze’s mom makes the best tacos.  Sorry, Mom — better than yours.  Can you call her and get her recipe?”  My mom didn’t bat an eye, but laughed and called Mrs. Breeze.  And the next time we had tacos for dinner, they were Breeze-style.  Great mom, right?

My mom’s cooking was tops – Craig

Jeff: My mom is the queen of the Tater Tot Hotdish. If you’re from the midwest (first off, congratulations) you’ll know what I’m talking about. For those of you unfortunate enough to not have Midwest roots, a Hotdish is kind of like a casserole. The Tater Tot Hotdish is, as its name implies, topped with Tater Tots. It is also pretty much the greatest thing ever. When I was a kid this was definitely a staple of my diet! (And an easy way for my mom to make me eat mushrooms)

Ashlyn: I love to cook, and I learned everything I know from my mom! One of my favorite things she makes just for me is a special cake I ask for every year on my birthday. It’s a tiered cake that is basically strawberry shortcake. She’s even made the last 3 years vegan for me! My mouth is watering. My other favorites of hers (B.V.: before Veganism): green chili burritos, pot roast, and our Thanksgiving meals.

Andrew: This is a hard one because my mom is a great cook. Although childhood me would probably say her cream cheese & jelly sandwiches (it’s a family thing – and far better than you’d think), I’d have to say the oven roasted chicken she makes with fruit. The way she makes it results in chicken that’s slightly sweet with caramelization on the outside skin. It’s definitely something I’ve never seen outside of my mother’s home and also something I’m always happy to see (and smell) when I come over for family dinner.

Devon: Cereal? Toast?  …My mom doesn’t cook much! I did recently teacher her how to cook Brussels Sprouts and she did a great job making them herself! She also makes amazing buffalo cheese dip and chili!

Dustin: Breakfast, especially bacon!

why our moms are the best


Craig: Why my mom is the best mom: 1) She was a firecracker.  She made a party when she needed one.  2) She showed love and patience with her offspring, friends, and strangers.  3) My mom was and is a powerful example.  In her later years, she wrote her very readable life history, for the many grand- and great-grandchildren who never met her, to learn from her life and experiences.

Jeff: If it weren’t for my mom I wouldn’t be the clever, witty, sarcastic person that I am today! (Although my co-workers could probably handle a little less sarcasm, haha.) I could always count on my mom to be at my soccer/baseball/basketball game when I was growing up, cheering me on, but not laying it on too thick. I don’t think I’ve ever been embarrassed by my mom; I love how weird she is! She’s taught me never to put myself out there, warts and all, and let the world judge you as it see’s fit. My mom has taught me not to be afraid to be myself, and I love her for that.

Ashlyn: This sounds cheesy, but she’s always there for me. I still call her almost every day when I’m heading home from work. Wherever I am, whatever I’m going through, I know I can pick up the phone, call her, and get some words of encouragement. I tend to worry, a lot. She’s great at making me feel everything will be okay.

My mom has taught me not to be afraid to be myself, and I love her for that. – Jeff

Andrew: Even though my mom puts up with way more crap than she deserves, I can say that she’s always been there for me no matter how small the problem. I don’t think that’s always the case, but it’s part of why I think I’m so lucky to have my mom. Aside from that, my mom is probably more badass than yours; she routinely uses a 5,000-something-degree fire torch to melt glass into beads you can use for jewelry, which I think most people would say, is pretty cool.

Devon: My mom is the hardest working person I know. I wish I had half of the energy she has. For the majority of my life, she had been a single parent, and she’s given me and my three younger siblings everything we’ve ever wanted. She’s been to every dance competition, baseball game, and soccer game, and even though she might be a little late, we can always count on her to be there for us. I joke a lot about my mom’s crazy advice and her inability to cook, but my mom really is the best, and I don’t know what I would do without her. My mom’s my biggest supporter, my best friend, and one of the only people who laughs at my jokes. And for that I am grateful.

Dustin: My mother is my rock, her unconditional love, and support over the years have afforded me so many opportunities to grow as a child and flourish as an adult. Always having a positive outlook on life along with her warmth and devotion to others that she demonstrates inspires me every day.

My mom’s my biggest supporter, my best friend, and one of the only people who laughs at my jokes. And for that I am grateful. -Devon