IVIO Welcomes Our New Designer!

We are happy to celebrate the newest addition to the team: our designer extraordinaire, Devon. She adds some invaluable hipness to this crew of digital nerds.

As you may know, clever, engaging, and beautiful designs are a vital stepping stone on the path to digital enlightenment. We’re grateful to have her as a team member and digital enlightenment advocate, helping our clients achieve their business dreams one intelligent design at a time.

Now let’s cut to the chase and get to know the complex, cat-loving, creative being that is Devon Noehring. Here are some interesting facts about Devon few know:

  • She’s ¼ Native American, a member of the Choctaw Nation.
  • She doesn’t eat red meat or pork.
  • Her favorite shows are Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • She was a gymnast and dancer most of her life.
  • Although she is not French, her favorite meal is Fondue.
  • Koala’s are her favorite animal.
  • She can play 0 songs on a guitar.

We love having you on the team, Devon!